Website Design and Hosting Plan

Affordable Websites for Independent Businesses
How does it work?
We want to be able to give independent businesses and start ups an affordable way of being online with a real plan, providing a professional site without the massive lump sum to be completed. Not only will you have a professional website, but support for the next two years. Our payment plan:

2 Year Contract – 24 Months – for £35 per month

Basic SEO

Not sure what we’re talking about? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. We’ll make sure your customers can find you on Google, making sure you’ve got the right key words to find those perfect leads.

Support for 2 Years

For the next two years know that you can get in contact with us at any point with any questions you have. This isn’t just regards your website, but Social Media and Marketing in general. We are literally just a phone call or email away.

Graphic Design Discounts

Get discounts on our graphic design services to help with marketing on your website. Want a nice little bit of artwork to promote your latest sale? No problem.

Hosting for 2 Years

We will provide you with two years of hosting. There will be no worrying about what options to choose, we’ll pick the best one for you. Simply give us access to your domain, and we’ll get you online.

Add Ons

There are a few extras which can be added onto your payment plan, for this you’ll need to get in touch.


Wanting an online Shop? You’ll need an SSL certificate to protect your customers data!

Want more information?

We prefer each of our clients to get in touch direct so we can get to know you, as well as you getting to know us.

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